The Celestial eye 2.0


(creation in 2021 / 2022)

The Celestial Eye 2.0 is an individual yet collectivistic outdoor experience to a fictitious dystopian society. Participants are invited to follow a route, scan QR codes, interact with Alexis, and encounter comedians to question the issue of data collection and mass surveillance.
Duration of the journey (show):1h 
The reception of the show will be held continuously for 4 hours or 2X2 hours during the daytime. 


What would it be like to live in a mass surveillance society? Would we stay true to ourselves? adjust our behavior?The answer awaits us here. In this ambulatory show, participants are equipped with their mobile phones and immersed, thanks to this tool, in a mass surveillance society: "the celestial eye" controlled by a digital assistant, Alexis. Each of them develops an individual relationship of trust with Alexis, who talks to them, advises them and constantly monitors them. He knows what they like, how they act and aims to make their lives and society better than they already are. To help him, participants have to follow the interactive map of the web application that guides them to 8 meeting points. At each encounter with Alexis, they have to scan a QR code and face a daily situation that confronts them with choices about their public environment and their private sphere, their common sense and their convictions.
The Celestial Eye 2.0 is a poetic rewriting of certain western societies' truth. Like in these societies each participant is given a "social grade" that determines his/her limits of freedom. Our life conditions depend on that score - but where does liberty stand? At the very end, participants can join a round table discussion with our Chinese mediator about their experience. Together they will discuss the thin border between fiction and reality: what for westerners is only a dystopian fiction turns out to be a utopian reality in the east. The aim of the show is to raise awareness among the mass regarding the limits of technology, for everyone to take a critical step back from the use of electronic devices. 
The show is combined with acting performances and an application that we developed. Our web application is secure - no data can be collected.

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